Vegan Moi Moi


Packed full of wonderful protein and fibre this savoury steamed bean cake is a superfood in my opinion. It s not the quickest thing to prepare but the final product is totally worth all the effort.

By Baking Nigerian Moi Moi In The Oven I Get These Cute Cup Sized Nigerian Moi Moi That Is Great For Kids And For Nigerian Food Nigerian Recipes Tropical Food

Making vegan moi moi is very easy if you can make any nigerian moi moi.

Vegan moi moi. To make vegan moi moi tasty and nutritious we have to replace our crayfish eggs seasoning cubes and fish with plant based proteins. Spring onion is not traditional in the moi moi and the egg is missing from the ingredient list. Beans alone on its own is a source of protein.

Growing up my mom s moi moi recipe always utilized steamed bean batter wrapped with leaves locally called ewe eran in lagos. Not sure if it s down to regional differences but i ve always known it as the former. 1 soak beans then no 3 should be moved up to no2.

Spicy jerk chicken rice peas fried plantain jerk. Glance at any plate of jollof rice or fried rice at a nigerian wedding or party and you re bound to see some moin moin hanging about on the side. Suya steak jollof rice ewa agoyin sauce pepper sauce moi moi salad.

To make vegan vegetarian the corned beef should be optional sometimes hard boiled are added. There is an issue. Hello beautiful soul are you among those who doesn t like animal product or like vegetables alot this moi moo is knocking on your door to try it definitely y.

This moin moin moi moi recipe uses smoked trout but you can switch it out for any other cooked fish corned beef boiled eggs or omit the animal protein altogether and make it vegan. In any case whether you call this green moin moin or green moi moi i hope you enjoy this recipe. Do you spell it moin moin or moi moi.

The major ingredient in nigerian moi moi is beans.

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