Stardew Valley Sea Urchin

Sea urchin is a forage item that appears in stardew valley. Name the animal 397 to receive sea urchin.

Not Entirely Sure How This Sea Urchin Got Up There Stardewvalley

Several crab pot fish may produce a nautilus shell in a fish pond when the population of the pond reaches 9.

Stardew valley sea urchin. The foraging of these items to be affected by such profession perks the same way foraged items do elsewhere specially. There is a 5 chance to catch a sea cucumber during the deep sea submarine ride at the night market during winter 15 17. The nautilus shell is found via foraging at the beach in winter.

Help my 27m squids 1m 2f 1f in my pond have unionized and are demanding a sea urchin. Created feb 12 2013. The item id for sea urchin in stardew valley is.

After several passes on the beach west of ginger island s farm foraged coral and sea urchin never makes use of foraging profession perks gatherer botanist. When you buy an animal from marnie s ranch stardew valley lets you give that animal a name. The cockle is a fish that can be found in the ocean during any season using a crab pot.

Multiplayer isn t supported on mobile. The sea urchin is a forageable item found year round in the tide pool section of the beach i e to the east of the wooden footbridge during summer 12 14 extra sea urchins appear anywhere on the beach including possibly the western section. It can also be purchased from the traveling cart for 225 1 000g.

A slow moving spiny creature that some consider a delicacy. It can also be foraged from the beach. The above cheat code applies to all platforms including pc mac steam xbox one ps4 and the nintendo switch.

Like all fish caught from the crab pot it cannot be eaten unless it is cooked. The average spawn rate for sea urchin in the tide pool section of the beach is 0 23 day. The player may randomly receive one in the mail from demetrius it can also be received as a gift at the feast of the winter star.

In other words they never get iridium quality and never get doubled. If you here to know what is the sea urchin item id in stardew valley game so you are in the right place. If you name that animal the id of the item you wish to spawn you will instantly receive that item in your inventory.

Sea urchin item info. The sea cucumber is a fish that can be found in the ocean or rarely in garbage cans during the fall and winter. Sea urchin spawn help.

Stardew valley is an open ended country life rpg with support for 1 4 players. Sea urchin item value 160. Stardew valley item id list sea urchin id spawn help sea urchin item id.

An additional 0 8 on average sea urchins per day will spawn. Sea urchin item id 397. It can be found around the beach.

Id code 397. Not to be confused with nautilus fossil.

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