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When the neural tube doesn t close all the way the backbone that protects the spinal cord doesn t form and close as it should. The specific causes of spina bifida are not fully understood but many studies have shown that there are environmental such as teratogens and genetic factors which are heterogeneous including chromosome abnormalities single gene disorder that leads to an increased risk of spina bifida.

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It s not known what causes spina bifida but a number of things can increase the risk of a baby developing the condition.

Spina bifida reasons. It is more common in girls. It s thought to result from a combination of genetic nutritional and environmental risk factors such as a family history of neural tube defects and folate vitamin b 9 deficiency. Many people who have spina bifida occulta don t even know it unless the condition is discovered during a x ray or other imaging test done for unrelated reasons.

Causes of spina bifida. Spina bifida occurs in 1 500 to 2 000 newborns each year in the u s. This often results in damage to the spinal cord and nerves.

Top causes of spina bifida. Spina bifida results from an incomplete formation of the brain spinal cord and or meninges in an infant. Lack of folic acid not having enough folic acid during pregnancy is one of the most important factors that can increase your chances of having a child with spina bifida.

Spina bifida occulta myelomeningocele and meningocele. While there is no clear answer as to what specifically causes spina bifida a number of risk factors have been identified which could be seen as causes. Doctors aren t certain what causes spina bifida.

Spina bifida can vary in severity. Statistics show that this issue impacts 1 500 to 2 000 babies every single year. No one knows for sure what causes spina bifida.

It can be divided into three types. Spina bifida is a birth defect where the affected individual has an incomplete closing of the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and the backbone. In spina bifida manifesta there may be swelling over the affected spine.

It most commonly occurs in the lower back. Spina bifida can happen anywhere along the spine if the neural tube does not close all the way. Spina bifida means cleft spine it happens when the brain and spinal cord don t develop in the way they re naturally supposed to.

However it can also occur at the neck or middle back. If the nerves are damaged the child may have problems with walking bladder control and coordination. While the exact cause of spina bifida is unknown a deficiency of folic acid in the mother s diet has been linked to its development.

Scientists think it may be a combination of the environment and family history or a lack of folic acid a type of vitamin b in the mother s body. Spina bifida is more common among whites and hispanics and females are affected more often than males. Studies also show that there are about 166 000 people who are currently living in the united states with spina bifida.

The condition has been observed to be most common in hispanic and caucasian population groups.

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