Spina Bifida In Utero

Spina bifida is a condition that happens when the fetus s bony spine which protects the spinal cord and nerves doesn t develop normally. It occurs in up to 2 000 births a year in this country.

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Fetal surgery for myelomeningocele the most severe form of spina bifida is a delicate surgical procedure where fetal surgeons open the uterus and close the opening in the baby s back while they are still in the womb.

Spina bifida in utero. Most children with this birth defect survive but they can be left with many disabilities including paralysis difficulty with bowel and bladder control a chiari ii malformation hydrocephalus excessive fluid in the brain and developmental delay. The spinal cord and nerves are then exposed to the amniotic cavity which leads to their ongoing damage during pregnancy. At upmc children s hospital physicians close defects like this one in 10 to 20 infants each year following delivery.

Spina bifida is a relatively common birth defect in the u s. It s called in utero surgery and as cbs2 s dr. Max gomez reported wednesday it corrected a serious spinal cord problem giving the baby a fighting chance at walking.

The most severe form is called myelomeningocele. Can ultrasound differentiate spina bifida in utero. Prenatal repair of myelomeningocele mmc the most common and severe form of spina bifida is a delicate surgical procedure where fetal surgeons open the uterus and close the opening in the baby s back while they are still in the womb.

The words literally mean split spine in latin. Open spina bifida containing only herniated meninges is a meningocele. It also reduces the need for shunts to relieve a buildup of fluid in the brain.

Spina bifida is a birth defect where the spine and spinal cord don t form properly. Spina bifida affects about 1 500 babies born each year in the united states. Fetal spina bifida surgery is shown to offer significantly better results than traditional repair after birth.

If a baby has the condition during development the neural tube a group of cells that. Spina bifida is a congenital defect consisting of an opening in the spinal column. Because spinal cord damage is progressive during gestation prenatal repair of myelomeningocele may prevent further damage.

If the herniated contents also include spinal cord elements it is a myelomeningocele. During routine second trimester us the fetal spine is screened for any open or closed spinal defect. Research has shown operating in utero gives babies with spina bifida a better chance of walking one day.

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