Spina Bifida In The Classroom


Need special seats and desks or tables as well as assistive technology and extra space for wheelchairs or other equipment. Activities for spina bifida children are important to building upper body muscle which helps to improve balance and strength.

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To an interested teacher the working of the human brain with hydrocephalus can be rather fascinating and full of intrigue.

Spina bifida in the classroom. Many people with spina bifi da and some with hydrocephalus require support such as braces or crutches to walk many use wheelchairs and many have some form of bladder and bowel dysfunction. From the hospital for sick children sickkids. Spina bifida is a birth defect affecting the spinal column.

Spina bifida activities and games. Use splints casts leg braces canes crutches walkers or wheelchairs. It is thought that genes and the environment are part of the cause.

A physical therapist can work with children parents and caregivers to teach them how to exercise the child s legs to increase strength flexibility and movement. Need extra time moving around classrooms between classes and throughout school. About spina bifida teaching students with disabilities in a mainstreamed esl classroom.

Spina bifida is a congenital malformation which affects the brain nerves and spinal cord. Spina bifida profile what is it. Encourage active participation in the classroom.

The term spina bifida comes from latin and literally means split or open spine kids health. The white black board in the classroom may have to be lowered if the student is in a wheelchair. The incidence of spina bifida has lessened in recent years as more women take folate supplements during pregnancy.

Outlines the four main types of spina bifida and the surgical process. Those with spina bifida lower on the spine near the hips might have more use of their legs and use crutches braces or walkers or they might be able to walk without these devices. To facilitate students reading use easels portable reading racks or adjustable desks.

The following eight areas describe some of these weaknesses and offer suggestions for helping children with spina bifida. Classroom performance further support in understanding a very complex but interesting medical condition. Teaching implications and links what is spina bifida.

We talked about the changes that would need to be made to the classroom and how our students could learn form this experience. Treatment for the variety of eff ects of spina bifi da and hydrocephalus includes surgery medication therapy and the use of physical and learning aids. The exact cause is not yet known.

Students with spina bifida may. Teaching a child with spina bifida and or hydrocephalus can be a very challenging and rewarding experience. Physical activity is an excellent way in which to aid the development of children with spina bifida.

Perceptual motor problems often children with shunted h ydrocephalus have poor eye hand coordination and ineffective motor skills among children with spina bida interfere with the ability to move use tools read and write.

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