Spina Bifida Genetic Causes


The root cause of the development of spina bifida is not known but there are certain risk factors like obesity diabetes folate deficiency that have been shown to increase the likelihood of a female delivering a child with spina bifida. Let us know whether or not there is any inheritance pattern or genetic defect causing spina bifida.

The Spina Bifida Genetics Research Project Sbgrp Is Starting The Second Phase Of A Study To Determine If Gen Genetic Variation Research Projects Spina Bifida

Every day about eight babies who are born in the usa have spina bifida sb or a similar birth defect.

Spina bifida genetic causes. What is spina bifida. Other risk factors for spina bifida include. Typically occurring in the first month of pregnancy spina bifida happens when the spine of a baby in the womb does not close all the way.

Causes of spina bifida the specific causes of spina bifida are not fully understood but many studies have shown that there are environmental such as teratogens and genetic factors which are heterogeneous including chromosome abnormalities single gene disorder that leads to an increased risk of spina bifida. Diabetes women with diabetes may have an increased risk of having a child with spina bifida. What causes spina bifida.

Changes in any of many genes may influence the risk of spina bifida. Spina bifida is a complex condition that in most cases is likely caused by the interaction of multiple genetic and environmental factors called multifactorial inheritance. Other possible causes of spina bifida spina bifida.

Obesity women who are obese have a body mass index of 30 or more are more likely to have a child with spina bifida than those of average weight. Spina bifida is more common among whites and hispanics and females are affected more often than males. Some of these factors have been identified but many remain unknown.

No one knows for sure. Doctors aren t certain what causes spina bifida. It s thought to result from a combination of genetic nutritional and environmental risk factors such as a family history of neural tube defects and folate vitamin b 9 deficiency.

Prescription drugs ssris and other antidepressants cobalamin vitamin b12 folic acid deficiency in spina bifida neural tube defects.

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