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Living with spina bifida spina bifida is a condition that affects the spine and is usually apparent at birth. Spina bifida is a variable defect in which the vertebral arch of the spinal column is either incompletely formed or absent.

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For everyone born with spina bifida at least one spinal vertebra is only partly formed and the spinal cord at that point and below as well as the skin around the site are not properly developed.

Spina bifida associated with. Spina bifida in its strictest sense means defective fusion of the vertebral posterior elements leading to a bifid osseous configuration of the spine 16. People with spina bifida low on the back near the hips for example might have some leg mobility and be able to walk unassisted or with crutches braces or walkers. People with spina bifida often cannot control their bladder and bowel movements.

All of the exact causes of spina bifida are not specifically understood. It affects the development of the spine spinal cord and the brain. However it involves a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

Spina bifida occulta sbo is a common malformation of the spine. Spina bifida is the most frequently occurring permanently disabling birth defect. Learning problems are relatively uncommon.

Lack of bladder and bowel control. It occurs during a baby s development in its mother s womb usually in the first month of pregnancy. In people with this condition.

A child born with spina bifida may not have any. They also can develop urinary tract infections. However most commonly it is used as a synonym or subset of spinal dysraphism.

Problems associated with this form include poor ability to walk impaired bladder or bowel control accumulation of fluid in the brain hydrocephalus a tethered spinal cord and latex allergy. The term bifida is from the latin bifidus or left in 2 parts although. If you have known risk factors for spina bifida talk with your doctor to determine if you need a larger dose or prescription dose of folic acid even before a pregnancy begins.

It is a type of neural tube defect ntd. Elevating your core body temperature due to fever or using a sauna or hot tub has been associated with a possible slightly increased risk of spina bifida. Myelomeningocele also known as open spina bifida is the most severe form.

Spina bifida can happen anywhere along the spine if the neural tube does not close all the way.

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