Spina Bifida And Meningocele


It is a congenital malformation that arises from an error in the normal development of the central nervous system particularly the spinal cord and spine. The most common problem that can occur with this form of spina bifida is a tethered spinal cord.

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Sometimes people with spina bifida occulta can have complications that do affect the nerves of the spine.

Spina bifida and meningocele. It is an out pouching of the coverings of the spinal cord that results in a defect in the bone and soft tissue coverings of the back part of the spine. The defect can happen anywhere along the spine where the neural tube doesn t close as it should. Meningocele is a form of spina bifida in which a meningeal sac of cerebrospinal fluid protrudes through the skull while meningomyelocele is a congenital defect of the central nervous system of.

This type of spina bifida causes moderate to severe disabilities such as problems affecting how the person goes to the bathroom loss of feeling in the person s legs or feet and not being able to move the legs. Hear how meningocele sounds external icon another type of spina bifida is meningocele. This is the mildest form of spina bifida cystica.

A meningocele is a form of spina bifida. Closed spinal lesions spina bifida occulta and other dysraphisms spina bifida occulta sbo is a type of spinal dysraphism or closed skin covered form of spina bifida. Failed closure of the neural arch with herniation of the meninges i e meningocele or the meninges neural elements i e myelomeningocele through the vertebral defect.

Estimates vary but between 5 and 10 of people may have spina bifida occulta. Spina bifida is defined as failure of the vertebral arch es to close over the spinal cord. Meningocele is the least common form of spina bifida.

Meningocele the least common form of spina bifida is a posterior meningocele or meningeal cyst. In this form the vertebrae develop normally but the meninges are forced into the gaps between the vertebrae. The meningocele is a protrusion of a spinal fluid filled sac of meninges through a bony defect in the posterior elements of the spine without associated neural tissue herniation.

About 1 500 babies are born with this condition each year. It is not associated with a neurological deficit. Progressive neurologic disease that eventually produces orthopedic neurologic genitourinary complications.

Meningocele is a type of spina bifida. This happens when the spinal cord becomes abnormally attached to the body causing stretching of the cord. 28 this failure is further classified into either occulta closed or aperta based on the amount of.

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