Shezow X Reader

Erickson niels wade obie scott. After madi y n and lara and the others burned down the second pizzeria.

Shezow By Fannochka Deviantart Com On Deviantart Art Ghost Boy Anime

Oc x fnaf x reader so if you haven t seen that book i suggest you read the first book to understand.

Shezow x reader. The last thing you could hear was a loud beep and everything got black. So randy shezow is the ship and basically the story is that randy has a crush on the super heroine who saved his life shezow. You your oc finds a black hedgehog out in the snow covered woods passed out you decide to bring the hedgehog home and when he wakes up well you will have to find out yourself by the way new things have been added including the title.

Guy on the other hand becomes friends with randy who has a crush on shezow and things just go downhill from there. They shout your name. This is the sequel to purple guy s daughter.

Long story but without him nobody would be able to stop any of the supervillains that kept attacking despite the fact that guy as shezow whooped their butts so many times you think they would have left by now. Plus guy was secretly shezow a superhero. Since he also develops a crush on the tyrian haired boy.

Randy x guy shezow x ninja. But they don t have jobs. Sleepless n she addled by niels erickson you know having soft data of a book shezow.

You could hear people. How i feel about you. Oh and shezow has been airing in australia since december 2012.

Him along side his twin and best friend must then work to keep shezow s image at all costs while keeping guy s secret. Sleepless n she addled by niels erickson to be in your gadget can make reduce the users. Guy handom x reader this book will follow the tv sires.

Guy managed to go to the shelair and find an old invention the growtastic fertilazer 9000 x. Shezow is a world renown pop idol that has gone into obscurity. So this way be an excellent reader now.

The basic idea is that the male character guy is gifted with superhuman abilities a skirt thigh high boots and a pink. Sleepless n she addled ebook. The book is being edited.

On her comeback tour she vanishes and a twelve year old boy named guy hamdon ends up taking her place. Updates will come late. Also this book will contain mostly fluff.

It s been pretty quiet. Butyou couldnt response. The link that we provide in this site is offered to click and then download this shezow.

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Shezow By Fannochka Deviantart Com On Deviantart Art Ghost Boy Anime

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