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Written by yah jul 29 2018. He is a bipedal rat characterised primarily around his kleptomania and tendency to annoy and bring misfortune to gungeoneers though it is implied that he shares the same distaste towards the gungeon.

Enter The Gungeon How To Get To And Fight The Resourceful Rat Boss Guide Youtube

The first rat key is given by the resourceful rat for free however.

Rat key gungeon. The resourceful rat is an antagonist and occasional ally encountered throughout the gungeon. The rat key is purchased from the resourceful rat in the shop for 50 or 115. As the name suggests it is the domicile of the resourceful rat and as such nearly all floor features are themed around him.

Just by fighting him you get 1 key for free on the first hit and 1 key for beating him as well as health and armor and a random a or s tier item on the killing blow however if you finish each phase by using. You can get all the unlocks from the keys eventually with just the first key off hitting rat once in punch out. It just might take you a while since it ll be luck which item you get out of the one chest you get.

I mean you could always use mod the gungeon. Pickups can be acquired in a variety of ways such as completing rooms purchasing them from shops finding them in chests destroying chests and defeating bosses. It costs a total of 1000 which can be given over the course of multiple runs.

1 npc 2 boss 2 1 behavior 2 1 1 phase 1 2 1 2 phase 2 2 1 3 phase 3 2 1 3 1 phase 3a 2 1 3 2 phase 3b. How to obtain edit edit source. Gnawed key is a passive item obtainable only in the shop in gungeon proper.

The resourceful rat s lair only referred to in game as is a secret chamber in the gungeon accessed through a hidden passage found in the black powder mine it requires at least one key two blanks and the gnawed key to enter. You literally can have 100 completion without ever getting more than that first key. There are a few types of pickups in enter the gungeon.

Pretty simple links join my discord. Enter the gungeon resourceful rat punchout. This is where you will use the rat key to reveal the rat lair.

The rat key is a quest item in exit the gungeon it is purchased from the resourceful rat in the shop. After it has been purchased once it will always be available for 115. The gnawed key will.

If the player has any gun that does not have infinite ammo the chances of getting ammo are equal to the floor s. So apparently to get all 6 keys in the punchout you have to finish off every phase of the fight with a 3 star super. The gun that can kill the past.

Upon clearing a room there is a chance that ammo may spawn. This guide will show you the steps you need to take to get to the resourceful rat s lair in the enter the gungeon advanced gungeons draguns update stream. Guides enter the gungeon resourceful rat punchout.

Unlocks the hatch to the resourceful rat s lair. Enter the gungeon is a gunfight dungeon crawler following a band of misfits seeking to shoot loot dodge roll and table flip their way to personal absolution by reaching the legendary gungeon s ultimate treasure.

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