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Our hands consist of a large number of small joints and bones that need to hold up to a lot of pressure while we punch the heavy bags or hit out opponents. Bandages help to stabilize the structure of out hands when we clench a fist. They hold the knuckles together preventing from drifting apart. At the same time hand wraps support a firm the firm structure of our wrist and the lessen the impact to our joints with additional cushioning in front of our knuckles. Proper wrapping will prevent the skin on our fingers prevent abrasion and scuffs. Last but not least hand wraps are absorbing sweat from the arms flowing down to the hands and by doing so they extend the lifetime of our boxing gloves.
But what are the best handwraps to use and how much should we spend on them reasonably? Reading our reviews will help to make your purchasing decision for your next purchase of boxing hand wraps.

Hand Wraps | 2018-08-25

Everlast Cotton Handwraps

Static all cotton hand wraps by Everlast are an alltime classic item for training that doesn’t lack patina. Are they still a good choice for the modern boxer?

Hand Wraps | 2018-08-25

Fighter Bandages Semi-Elastic

Made from polycotton fabric handwraps of this type are slightly elastic and a lot thinner than traditional bandages. We tested them for three months in the gym like a pro.