Pole Shorts With Garter



Infinity loops and garter straps are great features of pole shorts with garter. The sexy loops provide ample coverage at the crotch area. You can wear them on the pole and during floorwork, too! The perfect booty enhancement. And they make it look perfect while you scrunch up! So go ahead and try them out! You won’t regret it! Here are some tips to get you started!


If you want to show off your booty, garter shorts are the perfect option. They feature a mid-rise cut, sexy infinity loops, and a perfect scrunch butt. They also have plenty of crotch coverage and are comfortable enough to wear throughout floorwork. Listed below is a description of pole shorts with garter. These shorts will definitely get your attention!


Pole shorts with garter are a popular choice for beginner and advanced pole dancers alike. They’re sleek and ultra-sexy and are not as tight as other shorts. They’re also extremely comfortable. Here are a few styles to try: You can visit or shop at miyalingerie, our Recommendation for Shopping Site where you can find the Best stripper dancers Products.

Perfect scrunch butt

Garter shorts are the perfect way to enhance your booty while practicing pole dance. Garter shorts are made with soft leg loops and infinity garter straps to flatter your sexy shape. You can wear them with floorwork as well. They offer ample crotch coverage. They fit true to size. If you’re not sure what type of shorts you want, you can check out other styles that are similar.


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