Physical Effects Of Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is the most frequently occurring permanently disabling birth defect. Sensation this means that there may be areas of numbness in the legs.

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The severity depends on.

Physical effects of spina bifida. Bowel problems most spina bifida children have some problem controlling their bowel movements. Spina bifida is a relatively common birth defect in the u s. Children with spina bifida have a higher risk of latex allergy an allergic reaction to natural rubber or latex products.

It can also cause anaphylaxis a potentially life threatening condition in which swelling of the face and airways can make breathing difficult. Latex allergy may cause rash sneezing itching watery eyes and a runny nose. Spina bifida can cause a wide range of symptoms including problems with movement bladder and bowel problems and problems associated with hydrocephalus excess fluid on the brain.

The words literally mean split spine in latin. The severity of the symptoms of spina bifida varies considerably largely depending on the location of the gap in the spine. Spina bifida might cause physical and intellectual disabilities that range from mild to severe.

In any case spina bifida reveals a separation between father and mother either at conception stage or during pregnancy. If a baby has the condition during development the neural tube a group of cells that. The effects of spina bifida vary enormously depending on the type the location of the cyst and the severity of the condition.

Long term problems associated with spina bifida include. Open spinal canal over some vertebrae usually in the middle or lower part of the back membranes and spinal cord pushed outside the back in an. For everyone born with spina bifida at least one spinal vertebra is only partly formed and the spinal cord at that point and below as well as the skin around the site are not properly developed.

Some of the long term effects of spina bifida include. These include hydrocephalus varying degrees of paralysis pressure sores loss of sensation of the lower limbs malformations latex allergies. Urinary and renal problems bowel problems hydrocephalus surgery movement disorder and lack of sensation.

What are long term effects of spina bifida. It affects the development of the spine spinal cord and the brain. Symptoms of myelomeningocele spina bifida include.

Whether part of the spinal cord and nerves are affected. The size and location of the opening in the spine. In any form of spina bifida the spinal chord is left unprotected although the second type cystic is more dangerous from a medical viewpoint than the first type occulta.

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