Mosquito Bite Spoon


Repeat a couple of times while the water is still hot and do this several times daily until your bite is healed. It ll come right out.

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Exhale when your left foot hits the ground to avoid cramps while running.

Mosquito bite spoon. Alternatively cover the bite with toothpaste and let it dry completely to draw out the toxins that are causing the swelling. The heat will destroy the reaction and itching will stop. Press a hot spoon onto spot.

The myth is that a hot spoon pressed against the mosquito bite will denature the enzymes from the mosquito that make it itchy much like cooking an egg denatures its proteins and changes it permanently. Clean the surface of the bite with warm soapy water. Here s how it works.

Not only a spoon works but just anything that is cold it could be an ice pack or frozen veggies. Press a warm spoon to the bite. Let a metal spoon sit in steaming hot water for a minute.

The spoon diffuses the heat and the heat breaks down the chemical in our body that makes us want to scratch a mosquito bite. Heat a metal spoon under very hot tap water for about minute. Get something in ur eye.

So you are basically using heat to get rid of what is causing it to itch. Though the bump may linger relief should be instant. Fill a bowl of get something in yo water big enough for your face and ope.

The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itching will stop. The one you stirred your coffee with onto the spot. To soothe a mosquito bite try pressing the bite with the back of a spoon heated in hot water for 15 seconds to reduce the itching and inflammation.

Press a hot spoon e g. The mosquito s venom keeps the blood from clotting and causes the itch. Hold it there for 10 to 30 seconds.

It provides instant relief from the itchiness and the cold numbs the area and reduces the inflammation. Hold the back of the spoon tightly against the bite for about two minutes. Remove the spoon from the water let it cool for 5 to 10 seconds and press it onto your mosquito bite.

All you have to do is heat up a metal spoon under hot tap water for a minute or so then press it directly against the bite. Take out the spoon and apply it to your mosquito bite. For mosquito bites you can apply finely chopped leaves directly to the bite or you.

Keep heating the spoon and applying it to your skin until the itch has subsided. Hold it tight against your skin for a couple of minutes and when you. It can t stand up to heat.

Spoon some paste onto a washcloth and hold it paste side down on the irritated skin for about 10 minutes. Take a spoon and put it in your freezer or just keep one there for when needed.

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