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John 6 4 the passover passage found in ms 472 refuting michael rood. Michael rood declares many points as facts in his discussion of the omission of john 6 4.

Michael Rood Passover The Red Sea Crossing 2020 April 10 12 2020 Tickets Are Available Now Https Aroodawakening Tv Events Passover 2020 Home What Really Happened At The Red Sea Crossing Michael Rood Welcomes Filmmaker

The online seder with michael rood starts at 7 00pm eastern on saturday april 11 2020.

Michael rood passover 2020. Passover 2020 explains what it took to uncover the amazing facts of the red sea miracle documentary series with michael rood and filmmaker tim mahoney. Plus experience what it was like. Http www aroodawakening tv broadcast schedule you are just in time.

Passover what is passover. Point by point greek ms 472 with john 6 4 and the passover the feast of the jews was nigh. Michael rood is a nondenominational minister who has spent a lifetime researching the chronological aspects of the bible.

It reminds us of our freedom when we escaped from egypt. Today with the help of nasa and the written record michael rood believes with absolute certainty that jesus ministry was only 70 weeks long a little over one year beginning with his baptism in ad 27 and his death on the cross passover ad 28. The original passover was the night of the tenth plague when the israelites were enslaved in egypt.

Enjoy an entire day of teachings plus a behind the scenes commentary with tim mahoney filmmaker of the upcoming. Michael rood welcomes filmmaker tim mahoney for an exclusive preview of his groundbreaking new film chronicling one of the greatest miracles in the bible and you ll be the first in the world to see it. The fun begins at 10am saturday experience passover with michael rood like none other.

All the firstborn in every household that were not set apart by the blood of a lamb on the doorpost of their homes died exodus 12. As such the biblical hebrew calendar creator s calendar gives us the true biblical answer to the. This exclusive video collection also includes a passover seder narration with michael rood plus michael rood s first ever statement of faith and exclusive teachings by scott laird nd and david robinson.

A sweet mixture of apples cinnamon and walnuts. Here s what to have on hand so that you can be in sync with michael online. And this adventure takes all the way back to the time of the passov.

Michael and small studio staff will be bringing passover 2020 to you online from our studios here in charlotte for those who would like to participate in our online event our usual fee of 90 9 will apply while passover 2020 will now be an online event. An annual commemoration of being passed over was. Feast dates this page contains the dates for the feasts of the lord based on the biblical hebrew calendar creator s calendar a calendar that like the biblical feast days is different than what the rest of the world observes.

Passover 2020 is now an online only event. April 10 12 2020 what really happened at the red sea crossing.

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