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Some people with spina bifida may have limited feeling or paralysis in some parts of their bodies making it difficult to walk. The baby s brain and spine develop from a neural tube in the first four weeks of pregnancy.

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For everyone born with spina bifida at least one spinal vertebra is only partly formed and the spinal cord at that point and below as well as the skin around the site are not properly developed.

Life with spina bifida. Meeting the complex needs of a person affected by spina bifida involves the whole family and can be challenging at times. Those that live into early adulthood often live for decades longer. Almost 90 of individuals with this condition live to 30 years old.

Actually with the mildest form of spina bifida and no other birth defect a baby has 70 chances to reach their early childhood. As a person living with spina bifida challenge is part of life. This section of the website provides information about living with spina bifida at different ages.

Spina bifida is caused when the neural tube does not fully develop leaving a gap or split in the spine. Finding resources knowing what to expect and planning for the future can help. If not for living my life with spina bifida i likely wouldn t be at uw whitewater as my disability was more or less the main basis behind how why i initially learned of the campus and later chose to attend college here.

The life expectancy of spina bifida varies and most people believe that a baby with spina bifida cannot live through childhood. What s spina bifida life expectancy. Whether you are caring for a child with spina bifida or you are an adult with spina bifida it is important that you learn as much as possible about.

Life with spina bifida. The actual spina bifida life expectancy statistics suggest that 75 of children with this condition survive till early adulthood. It is possible to improve life expectancy if steps are taken to control pressure sores bladder infections and conditions like hydrocephalus.

Shane and i were so excited about this new adventure of parenthood we were about to embark on. Every person affected by spina bifida experiences their own journey. My name is hannah.

Spina bifida is often referred to as the snowflake condition as no two people are affected the same way. I could just as easily have said i don t want to deal with this and stayed home. My husband shane and i met in 2009 married in 2013 and after quite some time of trying in december 2016 we found out i was pregnant.

Although people may see me in a wheelchair and think i have it harder than others i think everyone has challenges in life. Spina bifida is a birth defect of the spine and people with this condition may have physical and intellectual challenges that affect major life activities such as education and employment. It affects the development of the spine spinal cord and the brain.

For another point which i might say as crucial in this case. Spina bifida can affect how your baby s brain spine spinal cord and meninges develop. Life with spina bifida.

Spina bifida is the most frequently occurring permanently disabling birth defect. It s how we face them that really matters. Life with spina bifida.

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