Installing A New Bathtub Valve Set

Mix a batch of mortar according to the package directions. If the valve does not seat in the threaded pipe within the first turn or two start again.

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Check for any leaks.

Installing a new bathtub valve set. Place a bucket pan or rags under the work area to catch any water from disconnected lines. Follow these steps to apply mortar to the subfloor of the tub. Next unscrew the faucet stem and remove it so you can take it to a hardware store to find a matching replacement.

With a notched trowel spread a 2 inch layer of mortar on the subfloor where the tub will sit. I am replacing a old defective shower valve with this new american standard shower valve using pex and clamps. Then measure the exact centers of the tub spout and valve and lay them out on the end panel.

This video will walk you through the entire process and give. Here s me installing replacing a bathroom faucet if i can do it you can do it too. Replacing a shower faucet can be a do it yourself job with some careful preparation and effort.

Follow the steps in reverse for installing the new faucet. Step 4 install the new faucet. Insert the new faucet.

If there are no shut off valves turn off the main water supply. Turn off the hot and cold water supply lines at the shut off valves beneath the sink. Step 5 test the faucet.

Here i will show you the quickest way to make. If not adjust it by placing wood shims under the tub. Lift the tub in place and position it so that it s tight against the walls.

Then unscrew the faucet handles and remove them to expose the faucet stem underneath. Be sure to check the manuals that came with your hardware for specific instructions. Test the faucet by turning on the hot water and cold water independently.

To change a bathtub faucet start by turning off the water supply to the faucet and opening the faucet to drain any leftover water inside of it. There should be some resistance after that because of the plumber s tape. Center and install the new shower valve and copper lines.

Once the faucet is in the mounting holes insert a washer over each tailpipe and then twist on the nuts by hand. Install the new valve. Hold a carpenter s level on the tub and check that it s level.

Before you begin the bathtub installation check the tub rim for level both front to back and side to side photo 7. Match the tailpipes and valves with the proper holes and place the faucet into position. Hold the faucet in both hands and carefully set it into the mounting holes.

Drill the end panel holes. Saved a bunch of money hiring a plumber. Place the new valve into the pipe and turn clockwise with your fingers about three or four complete turns.

Unpack the new tub and set it into place. When beginning bathroom sink faucet installation remove all items from under the sink.

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