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Spina bifida occulta is condition which is diagnosed incidentally when testing is being done to rule out some other medical condition. A common congenital midline defect of fusion of the vertebral arch without protrusion of the spinal cord or meninges.

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X rays which use invisible electromagnetic energy to project images of the body s structures onto film can reveal the structural malformation of.

Incidental spina bifida occulta. Spina bifida occulta has its onset early in pregnancy. The lowest lumbar vertebra is found to have a small midline defect. In many cases spina bifida occulta is incidentally found during an x ray performed for some other condition or back pain.

Examples include a patch of thick hair a growth an unusual pigment an extremely large dimple or a pad of fat. Spina bifida is a birth defect in which there is incomplete closing of the spine and the membranes around the spinal cord during early development in pregnancy. It also helps to evaluate the soft tissue damage within the region of deformity.

Mri is also helpful in assessing the extent of deformity in the bone. All of the patients underwent conventional radiographs of the lumbosacral spine. Patients with spinal abnormalities other than spina bifida occulta sbo s1 and findings other than posterior herniation of intervertebral disc were not included in this study.

There are three main types. Spina bifida occulta typically an incidental finding spina bifida occulta rarely presents with symptoms. The main reason behind this is that spina bifida occulta rarely causes any symptoms and is more or less a harmless condition.

Spina bifida occulta affects the spine causing the vertebrae to not close properly. The most common location is the lower back but in rare cases it may be in the middle back or neck. The name spina bifida occulta comes from the latin words spina meaning spine bifida meaning split and.

This spinal cord and spinal contents are not affected in this condition. Otherwise spina bifida occulta is usually an incidental finding or condition found when examining a patient for a separate reason. The incidence of sbo s1 was higher in younger age groups and decreased with age.

The condition may be associated with an overlying area of hyperpigmented skin a dermal sinus or an abnormal patch of hair. In people with this condition. It occurs during a baby s development in its mother s womb usually in the first month of pregnancy.

Amniocentesis and fetal ultrasonography are considered to be the two diagnostic tests useful in detecting the neural abnormality. Sometimes spina bifida occulta is indicated by a visible sign on the skin directly over the defect. It is the most common congenital spine abnormality.

The lesion is also covered by skin. L5 and s1 are the most common vertebrae involved. Spina bifida occulta meningocele and myelomeningocele.

Spina bifida occulta sbo is a common malformation of the spine. Spina bifida is a defined as any abnormal development of the bones of the spine that display a typical pattern with or without the involvement of the brain nerves or covering of the nerves meninges.

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