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If you ve tackled a termite problem before and it has left you tired here are 9 termite control tips to keep your house termite free. Repair leaking faucets water pipes and exterior ac units.

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According to the united states environmental protection agency termites can also be identified by looking for mud tubes that contain tiny white insects.

Household hints tips insect control preventing termites. They can not only deal with any current infestations but they can also treat your home to prevent further infestations and assess any damage that has already been incurred. Eliminate or reduce moisture in and around the home which termites need to thrive. Avoid buying any wooden furniture as much as possible.

Ultimately the best way to keep termites out is to stay proactive in prevention efforts. Here are 10 tips from the national pest management association npma to protect your greatest investment from termites. Termites are a nuisance and no one wants to find then in their home particularly if you have wooden furniture.

Repair leaking faucets water pipes and air conditioning units. Of course the best thing to do is prevent these silent destroyers before they find their way into your home. Repair fascia soffits and rotted roof shingles.

Some species burrow inside them and create nests there and also use it as their food source. When it comes to termites an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so take a few simple steps to make your home less welcoming to termites. There are some easy tips and tricks you can follow when it comes to knowing how to treat termites as well as termite pest control to avoid them returning in the future.

Termites reside in or near anything wooden. A simple way to tell termites apart from ants is to examine their body. Termites will have wings that are of equal length while ants will have two sets of wings with one longer than the other.

While these tips are meant for general prevention it s best to call an exterminator for termite control services. Termites thrive in areas with moisture so the first thing to do is eliminate this essential ingredient from their environment. Eliminate moisture problems around your home that make the soil around it attractive.

A person may also probe wood with a screwdriver to look for hollow spots.

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