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When scrubbing any sink always start with the sides of the basin and work your way down pushing any grime directly into the drain. In addition to cleaning your sink this recipe is ideal if your kitchen sink smells like sewage.

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Then use a clean sponge to scrub the bottom sides and rim of the porcelain.

Household hints tips cleaning organizing how to clean porcelain sink. If you need a little more power simply rub your sink clean with a sponge soaked in a solution of baking soda and warm water source. Get your scrubby sponge wet and use the scrubby side to wipe down the sink. For more tips like how to keep your sink tidy on a day to day basis keep reading.

Rinse the sink with white vinegar which will cause the baking soda to bubble and fix as it disinfects. Keep adding soap and water as needed or until the surface is scum free. May 12 2016 this tutorial shows you how to clean a porcelain sink with no harsh chemicals.

Once you re done scrubbing rinse the sink thoroughly with water to remove all the baking soda. If your sink is stained or needs a deeper cleaning dry the sink sprinkle baking soda all over it then scrub it with a clean cloth. Simple easy frugal trick.

But for 90 of the mess in the sink all you ll have to do is gently rub the cleansing powder into the sink using the scrubby side of the sponge. Household cleaning tips deep cleaning tips cleaning hacks cleaning lists cleaning service cleaning products clean porcelain sink bar keepers friend vintage sink. General cleaning you can clean most basic dirt and food waste from your sink with dishwashing detergent.

To clean and shine a porcelain sink first remove everything from your sink and wipe it down with soapy water. If your sink has white chalky lime spots dip a cloth or paper towel in white vinegar then leave it on the spot for a few minutes before rinsing with water. In fact you only need two ingredients.

You don t need a ton. If you have tough stains or scratches let it the mixture sit there for a few minutes then give a little scrub. After rinsing one final time with water rub the surface with a lemon or orange peel to leave behind a fresh citrus scent.

Lightly scrub your sink all over. And do you know who helped her figure out. Then rinse out the soapy residue and close the drain with a stopper.

Take a clean damp white rag and dip it into your soft scrub. If your porcelain sink is white pour some bleach into it. Start by coating the wet sink in baking soda and adding a little dish soap and hot water to your sponge.

And you probably have them on hand. For stubborn stains or black marks use a little elbow grease to really work the stain out. Then rinse with clean water.

How to clean porcelain sink. If you really want your sink to shine add a drop of olive oil for a stainless steel sink or lemon oil for a porcelain sink to a soft cloth. Article by stain removal 101.

Remember to only use nylon covered pads cloth or sponges when cleaning porcelain.

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