Funny Naruto Filler Episodes

10 best filler episodes ranked according to imdb. So if you ve got the time and patience to get through these filler episodes then you can watch the entire series without.

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With a total of 90 reported filler episodes naruto has a high filler percentage of 41.

Funny naruto filler episodes. Fans of naruto know that the series is famous for having tons of filler throughout its extensive run. Friends you can count on. Naruto was an anime series that ran from 2002 to 2007.

I also liked the one where tenten uses the giant iron ball when she s sent to get ninja tools. I like the standalone filler episodes. Even kakashi has an over the mask kiss with a childhood friend of his.

With a total of 205 reported filler episodes naruto shippuden has a high filler percentage of 41. There is also another decent episode hidden in this arc about a cooking shinobi recalling a tale about naruto. Kakashi my eternal rival.

The kunoichi of nadeshiko village. The naruto filler episodes are certainly not completely a waste of time as you can get a look at the characters in from a different perspective and sometimes the events happening during these episodes are quite funny. Sasuke and naruto end up accidentally kissing again in a fairly funny episode.

In total 500 episodes of naruto shippuden were aired. However some of the filler episodes are really good so we decided to update this list with some more filler episodes you shouldn t skip. In total 220 episodes of naruto were aired.

I liked the one when naruto and hinata and kiba shino i can t remember try to capture a beetles and get swarmed by wasps. When it s one story contained in an episode. This article contains complete list of naruto filler list with naruto filler episode names.

10 filler memes that are too hilarious for words. Advertisement naruto is a tale about a boy a citizen of the hidden leaf village who witnessed pain since he was born and attempts hard to achieve attention in his own village by vowing to himself to become the village leader. Naruto shippuden was an anime series that ran from 2007 to 2017.

Ah my hero lady tsunade. Naruto fans have felt a lot of frustration at the number of filler episodes that they have to wade through but it s produced some hilarious memes. 15 a new formation.

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