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A right handed lever has the door hinges located on the right side of the door as you look at it from the outside. There s specific door terminology and parts associated with storm doors as well.

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Active inactive door panel referring to french door and hinged patio door systems.

Door parts terminology. This door has a top bottom and a mid rail. For instance there are 3 different types of storm doors. L imits the door s opening swing.

Full view storm doors have a full piece of glass mid view storm doors have a half length glass and high view storm doors have a piece of glass that is the top 1 3 of the door. Common door terms diagram. On a wood exterior door they are part of the construction.

A left handed lever has the door hinges located on the left side as you look at the door s exterior. Exterior door units also include casing brick molding astragal and weather strips and is pre hung. It s the piece of wood that surrounds the glazing to hold the glazing in place.

In the case of door linings these are thin strips of wood that are mounted along the length of the jambs and head to serve the same purpose. Often selected for decorative purposes. Whether you are a trade professional an experienced do it yourselfer or just learning about doors sometimes you encounter a term that needs more definition or clarity.

Parts of a door the basics architrave. See the diagram for common door terms components and terminology for rough door openings as well as doors. Active handset typically found on an exterior door it is used to secure a door allowing key access from.

It is the door adjacent to the main door in the system. Handing is a term used to indicate how a door swings. On steel fibreglass vinyl exterior doors they are embossed on the surface of the skin.

Legs jambs these are the terms commonly used to refer to the vertical components that form the sides of the door frame. This can be achieved through a single part or through multiple parts hooked together such as extensions and corner drives. It is part of the frame and the door rests on it when closed.

This is important to know when choosing a compatible lock for your use. Door unit a door with a jamb hinges and is bored for door hardware. Foam core is an insulating agent injected into the core of steel and fibreglass exterior doors.

Inactive door is fixed while the active panel moves open and close. This set will always have two cylinder holes in the backplates to accept a full cylinder. Stops the stops are what the door rests against when closed and are an integral part of the frame.

Beading is only found on glazed doors. Head the head is the part of the door frame that sits horizontally to form the top of the frame. The drive rail is hidden by the faceplate.

Door hardware parts terminology. A door panel sometimes called a slab refers to the whole part of the door that swings back and forth. An architrave is the piece of wood that goes around the door frame to cover the gap between the wall and the door frame.

Rail the narrow horizontal segments on a door panel are called rails. Full view mid view and high view. Full door panels are often divided up into smaller panels which are set between the stiles rails and mullions.

Only the door no jamb hinges threshold or door hardware. Panels are the sections of the exterior door held in place by the stiles and rails. Handle set used on the active panel.

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