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Early on in development a flat strip of tissue along the back of the fetus rolls up to form a tube. Congenital heart defects occur in about 8 to 10 of every 1000 live born children in the.

Congenital Anomalies

Congenital defect a defect that is present at birth.

Define congenital defect. They result from improper development of the heart and blood vessels during the prenatal period. Several types of congenital brain defects are caused by neural tube defects. Congenital heart defect a structural defect of the heart or great vessels or both present at birth.

Any number of defects may occur singly or in combination. Early in fetal development a flat strip of tissue along the back of the fetus rolls up to form the neural tube. The disabilities can range from mild to severe.

Congenital disease a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically genetic abnormality genetic defect genetic disease genetic disorder hereditary condition hereditary disease inherited disease inherited disorder monogenic disease monogenic disorder an inherited disease controlled by a single pair of genes. A congenital defect characterized by the absence or hypoplasia of one or more extremities. A birth defect also known as a congenital disorder is a condition present at birth regardless of its cause.

Structural disorders in which problems are seen with the shape of a body part and functional. Birth defects may result in disabilities that may be physical intellectual or developmental. Ectromelia nci thesaurus a congenital defect in which there is an abnormal spatial arrangement of the internal thoraco abdominal organs.

Birth defect congenital abnormality congenital anomaly congenital disorder. Congenital anomalies are also known as birth defects congenital disorders or congenital malformations. Congenital anomalies can be defined as structural or functional anomalies for example metabolic disorders that occur during intrauterine life and can be identified prenatally at birth or sometimes may only be detected later in infancy such as hearing defects.

This is in conjunction the absence of a spleen. Birth defects are divided into two main types. Ablepharia a congenital absence of eyelids partial or complete albinism the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair.

Congenital brain defects may be caused by inherited genetic defects spontaneous mutations within the genes of the embryo or effects on the embryo due to the mother s infection trauma or drug use.

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