Conditions Associated With Spina Bifida


Spina bifida may cause difficulties with bladder control walking and or other functions depending on the severity of associated symptoms. People with spina bifida often cannot control their bladder and bowel movements.

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Learning problems are relatively uncommon.

Conditions associated with spina bifida. Problems associated with this form include poor ability to walk impaired bladder or bowel control accumulation of fluid in the brain hydrocephalus a tethered spinal cord and latex allergy. Spina bifida is similar to these medical conditions. Bladder and bowel functioning are also severely affected.

Some cases of spina bifida may be associated with chromosome abnormalities or fetal exposure to teratogens. Most people with spina bifida are able to have surgery to close the opening in the spine. They also can develop urinary tract infections.

Lack of bladder and bowel control. Most people need to use a wheelchair. Spina bifida is commonly found in the lumbar and sacral spine.

Because the lumbosacral spinal nerves control muscles and feelings in the lower limbs people with spina bifida have some degree of paralysis. Symptoms of spina bifida. Design retrospective chart review of 487 patients who attended the university of pittsburgh medical center adult spina bifida clinic between august 1.

However it is unclear how these factors may influence the risk of spina bifida. In addition to abnormal sensation and paralysis another neurological complication associated with spina bifida is chiari ii malformation a condition common in children with myelomeningocele in which the brain stem and the cerebellum hindbrain protrude downward into the spinal canal or neck area. Signs symptoms patients with spina bifida have a wide variety of symptoms and physical findings depending on the extent of the defect in the spine.

Myelomeningocele also known as open spina bifida is the most severe form. Abstract objective the aims of this quality improvement project were to identify secondary conditions and medical co morbidities in adult patients with spina bifida and to determine which factors were associated with an earlier age of death. But the nervous system will usually already have been damaged which can lead to problems such as.

Other possible risk factors for spina bifida include diabetes mellitus obesity exposure to high heat such as a fever or use of a hot tub or sauna in early pregnancy and the use of certain anti seizure medications during pregnancy. More problems may arise as children with spina bifida get older such as urinary tract infections gastrointestinal gi disorders and depression. Weakness or total paralysis of the legs.

Children with myelomeningocele may develop learning disabilities such as problems paying attention and difficulty learning reading and math. Spinal cord injury birth defect meningitis and more. Bowel incontinence and urinary incontinence.

People with spina bifida low on the back near the hips for example might have some leg mobility and be able to walk unassisted or with crutches braces or walkers.

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