Common Birth Defects In Babies


It occurs in the central nervous system and it is the most common type of birth defects. The symptoms of spina bifida can be mild or severe depending on the part of the spine it affects.

Birth Defects In The New Born Child In 2020 Newborn Child Birth Defects Birth

This type of birth defects affects the genetic make up of the baby and it may be caused by the dna inherited from the parents.

Common birth defects in babies. However it s not 100 clear what causes all of the birth defects under this branch. They can cause problems in overall health. Metabolic defects cause problems with the baby s body chemistry.

Defects may include holes in the wall of the heart a heart that beats too quickly or too slowly valve defects that prevent blood from flowing smoothly or misplaced. A birth defect is a health condition that is present since birth. Congenital heart defects chd.

Neural tube defect ntd affects the brain spine and spinal cord of the baby. Spina bifida is more common affecting 1 in every 2 758 births in the united states. Functional or developmental birth defects include metabolic defects sensory problems and nervous system problems.

Neural tube developed from the migration and fusion of the neural plate includes the malformations of the spinal cord and cranial. This kind of birth defect is caused when the tissues don t come together properly when the baby is being formed inside the womb. Below are the most common birth defects.

Some examples include down syndrome cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. This defect may affect different parts or functions of the heart. Birth defects may change the shape or function of one or more parts of the body.

Mouth and facial defects.

January Is National Birth Defects Prevention Month While Not All Birth Defects Can Be Prevented There Are Many Wa Birth Defect Awareness Awareness Prevention

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