Bracelet on a Wristwatch: Tips on How to Replace It!

Wristwatches are a classic fashion accessory, and with good reason. They’re versatile and stylish and can match just about any outfit. But what if something happens and you need to replace the bracelet on your watch? Don’t panic! In this article, we will walk you through the process of replacing a bracelet on a wristwatch, step by step. So, let’s begin!

Tools You’ll Need

This process might seem complicated or almost impossible for you. But with the right advice and proper implementation, no aspect has to be difficult. To replace it on a wristwatch yourself, you’ll need the following:

  • A watch with a bracelet;
  • A Phillips screwdriver;
  • A jewelry plier;
  • T ape measure or ruler;
  • Needle nose pliers;
  • Scissors.
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Replacing a Bracelet on a Wristwatch

If you need to replace it on your wristwatch, follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the watch’s case by gently prying off the two halves using a sharp knife or a fingernail. Be careful not to scratch the watch’s face!

2. Inside the case, locate and remove the worn or broken bracelet. If it is difficult to take off, use a jeweler’s saw to cut around it before removing it. Save any remaining pieces of the old bracelet for re-use if needed.

3. Replace the new bracelet with the screws provided (or, if you prefer, use your screws). Make sure that they are tightened securely; over-tightening can damage your watch.

4. Replace the screws in their respective holes and fit the watch case back together by pushing down on each half until it snaps into place. Enjoy your new replacement bracelet!

Following these tips for replacing a bracelet on a wristwatch will make this process much more accessible in DIY conditions.


If you ever find yourself unable to remove it from your wristwatch, or if the clasp becomes unusable, don’t fret! This article will show you how to replace the bracelet on a wristwatch yourself using simple tools and everyday supplies. By following the steps, you’ll be able to keep your watch looking new for years to come! Thank you for reading this blog article, and keep on doing it!

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