Bloodstone Chunk Farming


You can run through ng cycles looting areas such as cainhurst castle yahar gul and mensis as well as the dlc for chunks. Superzero122591 5 years ago 1.

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Luckily thanks to the changes to chalice dungeons boss.

Bloodstone chunk farming. You ll need to have unlocked the lower loran chalice. These items are rare throughout the game. And it mostly consisted of people scratching thier heads regarding the best places to farm blood stone chunks.

Insanely easy blood stone chunk farming chalice on first layer chalice. Run straight to the door open it and grab the lantern. Preferably up to at least the yahar gul chapel lamp.

Blood stone chunk farming location spoilers user info. You can farm chunks from depth 3. Some people suggested having an arcane stat level of about 150 250.

Bloodborne s patch 1 04 made blood stone chunks available in the insight store for 30 insight but gathering that much can take a while. The boss can be reached in roughly 2 minutes and is a keeper of the old lords. One way you can easily farm blood stone chunks in bloodborne is by defeating a level 1 chalice dungeon boss like the loran silverbeast.

Please note before reading you must have already unlocked yahar gul unseen village. This chalice is a regular isz gravestone chalice dungeon. Welcome to another bloodborne guide in which i show you a fast easy and efficient way to obtain blood stone chunks.

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