Anencephaly Diagnosis

Anencephaly most often leads to death in days or weeks. It affects the brain and skull bones.

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Diagnostic tests performed during pregnancy to evaluate your baby for anencephaly include.

Anencephaly diagnosis. The brain is not fully formed. Your baby s head might appear flattened due to the abnormal brain development and missing bones of the skull. At birth the abnormalities of the skull can be easily seen.

In some cases part of the scalp is missing. There is also no bone on the back of the head. The diagnosis of anencephaly may be made during pregnancy or at birth by physical examination.

Anencephaly is a type of neural tube defect. How is anencephaly diagnosed. During pregnancy your healthcare provider may order tests to look for signs that might indicate a neural tube defect.

How is anencephaly diagnosed. Anencephaly is a condition that is present at birth birth defect. Bones may also be missing on the front and sides of the head.

Doctors can diagnose anencephaly during pregnancy or immediately after the baby is born. Providers can also diagnose anencephaly at birth based on the newborn s appearance.

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