Hand Wraps | 2018-08-25

Everlast Cotton Handwraps

Static all cotton hand wraps by Everlast are an alltime classic item for training that doesn’t lack patina. Are they still a good choice for the modern boxer?

Hand Wraps | 2018-08-25

Fighter Bandages Semi-Elastic

Made from polycotton fabric handwraps of this type are slightly elastic and a lot thinner than traditional bandages. We tested them for three months in the gym like a pro.

Kickboxing Gloves | 2018-08-11

TopTen 10 Oz Kickboxing Gloves

This will be an article about kickboxing competition gloves used at tournaments of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, WAKO. They are suitable in fight of the following categories: Full-Contact, […]